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You've found one dream orb, but the strangeness only increases, the voices only mock you further.

A ring in the graveyard has the faintest glimmer of starlight, and calling upon it pulls that light into an object before you. Can you use this new tool to find your way out of this strange place once again?

ProtoDungeon is a prequel to The Waking Cloak.


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ProtoDungeon: Episode II 37 MB
Version 1.3.0

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It's good so far! I've run into a bug though: after coming down the stairs on the right side of the screen, I jumped off the cliff downward and walked to the next screen only to end up outside the map. I could still  walk around & move to other screens, but it snapped me back to this one & eventually threw me into the top-left pit.


Oh... oh dear. I'll investigate lol


With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!

Hey! I think I actually just got stuck! Am I missing something?

I've done it! Nice that you have the save function so I could restart the room. (Didn't much like that I solved some of puzzles by jumping into the void, though, so again my position was reset but the blocks weren't.) Otherwise fabulous!


Glad you were able to get out! I will be fixing this bug in an upcoming patch (the current block should be destroyed if you place any new block on a wall or on the exiting block, etc.). 


Just wanted to let you know a patch has been released that should prevent you getting stuck like this again. :)


Thanks for the update! And good luck with ep III!

very clever and intuitive puzzles (except the part in the "father" grave where you had to know that a gate was opened by a random button in a different room with no visual indication it was doing so, that was kind of unfair) and a wonderfully eerie atmosphere, looking forward to the next part


Thank you!! I had intended that as a kind of secret--different from all the other puzzles, and so making it elaborate and difficult to find--but I think I'll at least put a visual indicator there based on your and others' comments. :)