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What exactly is Protodungeon DX on Steam meant to be. A remake? A collection?

Yes and yes. It will be a collection of all the episodes with a "mini-overworld" where all the items will be usable as you unlock them. The earlier episodes will receive a remake as I'm improving the engine (and in the case of Episode III am changing how perspective and cliffs work).

It will be available here on Itch as well!

We're probably a good while out from the release though. If all goes as plans, at least, the later episodes shouldn't take so long to develop as III did.

hey been awhile since i covered your game on my channel any news on part 3?

Hey, I remember you! It's on the way! Progress is a bit slow lately with everything going on, but I'm wrapping up work on the level design. Really pleased with how it's shaping up. It'll probably be a few months out at least though 

I really appreciate you checking in. It's encouraging to me. 

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This ProtoDungeon feels more sophisticated than the first one; this one feels like a game should feel. I like it. The music sets exactly the right mood for the game. The puzzles are a good challenge, and one of the mechanics took me a good deal longer to figure out than I would like to admit, but it was still satisfying to figure out. The dancing flowers were fun, too. 

I never did find the secret room. I was also surprised that I solved the dungeon without one of the keys. I spent a bit of time time trying to get that key, too.

Still fun. Thanks for the game.

Thanks so much! That means a lot

That extra key might be for a certain secret room... :)

I think I'm stuck. Am I missing something? I got the third ring, and expected I could create a third thingy or something, but can't. I've pushed on all the walls and gates. The oracle says I have to go deeper, but falling into the hole just puts me back here.

You aren't stuck, though I could see how the stone would mislead you that way. I may consider putting that somewhere else. 

There is another ability you have now with the level 3 ring, not a third block. The hint is when you pick up the ring: "the void cannot consume them" (don't remember the exact wording!) 

Okay, that makes sense. I think I must've blown by the comment on the ring too fast, because I don't remember that wording. Player error.

I think it would be helpful to put the stone somewhere else.

Okay getting the hint from the ring again got me unstuck pretty quickly.

Am I missing something here? Can't seem to go back and can't seem to get past this puzzle either.
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I don't think so! Keep in mind you're in a secret challenge puzzle room :)


It's good so far! I've run into a bug though: after coming down the stairs on the right side of the screen, I jumped off the cliff downward and walked to the next screen only to end up outside the map. I could still  walk around & move to other screens, but it snapped me back to this one & eventually threw me into the top-left pit.


Oh... oh dear. I'll investigate lol

Hey! I think I actually just got stuck! Am I missing something?

I've done it! Nice that you have the save function so I could restart the room. (Didn't much like that I solved some of puzzles by jumping into the void, though, so again my position was reset but the blocks weren't.) Otherwise fabulous!


Glad you were able to get out! I will be fixing this bug in an upcoming patch (the current block should be destroyed if you place any new block on a wall or on the exiting block, etc.). 


Just wanted to let you know a patch has been released that should prevent you getting stuck like this again. :)


Thanks for the update! And good luck with ep III!

very clever and intuitive puzzles (except the part in the "father" grave where you had to know that a gate was opened by a random button in a different room with no visual indication it was doing so, that was kind of unfair) and a wonderfully eerie atmosphere, looking forward to the next part


Thank you!! I had intended that as a kind of secret--different from all the other puzzles, and so making it elaborate and difficult to find--but I think I'll at least put a visual indicator there based on your and others' comments. :)